21-ARCH Christmas Party
21-Arch have now been able to look back on the first successful year of joint operations. Reason enough to meet for a cross-site Christmas event again this winter. The Stuttgart and Calw staff enjoyed spending some time together and exchange views on the past year’s activities.
According to a tradition, also this year the Christmas excursion started with a cultural treat: Art Historian Christine Klenk showed the visitors around Museum Ritter (the chocolate being well-known for its square formate) and made it easy for them to understand and be inspired of the works of ‘order and disorder’ by Esther Stocker, a young Vienna artist. Also the exhibition of reliefs, material construction and installation from the Marli Hoppe-Ritter collection corresponded in all respects to the visitors’ taste in art.
After this impressive insight, the team set out to the well-known Mäulesmühle, a beautiful place where a hot “Glühwein” was being offered to the group at a fire place in front of the restaurant. In the tasteful atmosphere of the restaurant itself, everyone cherished the festive dinner and sat together until late in the evening.