21-ARCH Christmas Party
On the occasion of this year’s Christmas party, Burk Architekten GmbH and KHR Architektenpartnerschaft celebrated the foundation of 21-Arch GmbH & Co. KG.

The excursion started in Sindelfingen, where staff members from Stuttgart and Calw met at the Schauwerk Museum. Mr. Willi Burk first welcomed all colleagues expressing his pleasure about the forthcoming cooperation.

After that the visitors were guided through the exhibition of the Art Collection Schaufler by Christine Klenk who was drawing the visitors’ attention to the diversity of the collection taking up various artistic currents and seeking their commonalities in ideas, attitudes, and phenomena. In addition to that the art expert presented parts of the extensive collection of photographic works and provided detailed background information in an interesting manner.

After that the management had invited to have a delicious dinner at the Magellan Restaurant in Böblingen where the new colleagues took the opportunity to establish first contacts and to exchange views. The comfortable lounge then was the ideal place to bring together new ideas and to focus on common visions.

At the end of this exciting day, everyone gathered various impressions and got to know many new names and faces. Everyone agreed that a company now disposing of more than 30 members of staff is ready to face new challenges in the future!