A journey through the Late Ancient Rome
Just a few days before Christmas, the team of 21-arch embarked on a journey through the Late Ancient Rome of the year 312. The imposing 360° Panorama shown at the Gasometer in Pforzheim was designed by the artist Yadegar Asisi. Everyone took the chance to immerse themselves in the hustle and bustle of Ancient Rome. Already at the beginning of the tour through the empire of the Emperor Constantine, the tour guide pointed out the deliberately depicted "faults" in the imposing, over 30 m high and 100 m wide Panorama. So the members of the staff puzzled about the whereabouts of a beer bottle, a watch and other inconsistencies of the fascinating artwork. After spending a few days and nights amidst the Forum Trajanum, the Tabularium and the Temple of Juno Moneta, everyone was looking forward with anticipation to an atmospheric get-together at the Hotel Lamm in Rotensol where many year-end events had already taken place before.
In the romantic wine-cellar filled with plenty of fine drops, everyone clinked their glasses to an eventful and successful year. "I can say that we finally feel very comfortable in Stuttgart," stated Managing Director Ulrich Schwarz referring to the office’s move. He added that it has been a great pleasure for him to work with a superb international team during the outgoing year and that together they will be able to reach new shores in the year to come. He emphasized that the newly gained employees had been a great addition to the experienced team. He also warmly welcomed Veronika Müller, who will strengthen the creative team as a project architect from the beginning of January. The entire staff consisting of 25 members, from the apprentice and trainees to homeoffice workers and freelancers spent a fun day together, leaving behind their everyday deadline-planning and design drawings. It is worth mentioning that the event took place in the midst of the new project "Extension of the Hotel Lamm, Rotensol".