Agilent Technologies Deutschland
Building 1 - Room "Sovereign"
Waldbronn | Germany
Completion 2012
Volume 240 m3
Floor area 60 m2
A space to think, be creative, separate from main work area was required by the client. For this purpose three adjacent meeting rooms next to the main office area were allotted to be converted into the new Room Sovereign. One of the smaller meeting rooms was repurposed as an entranceway separating the main office area from the new space. Additionally, storage space for foldable tables and chairs was integrated in the entranceway behind a sliding wall
The new space is defined by a stretched fabric ceiling system backlit with LED modules. This “light cube” provides a soft ambient light source that can be adjusted according to need. The raised floor was refurbished using seamless charcoal-grey carpet tiles. All vertical surfaces within the room are cladded in white. The wall panels are horizontally split between acoustic panels at the top and bottom and special projection panels for beamers in the middle. The surfaces are magnetic as well as writable.
The foldable tables are kept in the same white as the walls while the black office chairs and lime-green multi-function swivel seats provide a colorful contrast to the white surfaces. The combination of the different materials together with the “light cube” gives the room a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in its inert state.
The means for the space to be become livelier is provided by a group of beamers installed above and beside the “light cube”. The beamers can be controlled individually or together as one unit. Content ranging from spreadsheets, to CAD/CAM models, to backgrounds can be projected in high quality across the whole room. Control panels integrated into the tables and wall elements allow for easy and quick connections.
The new space, which can be quickly configured for different uses such as workshops, client presentations or conferences has become very popular within the Site and is often booked weeks in advance.