Agilent Technologies Deutschland
Extension and Renovation Builidng 1
Waldbronn | Germany
Completion 2012
Volume 32.000 m3
Floor area 5.250 m2
Together with our partners, 21-Arch planned and supervised the Extension of Building 1 with surroundings as well as the subsequent renovation of the manufacturing and logistics floors of Building 1 at the Site Waldbronn. The renovation also included the replanning of the manufacturing areas together with the client. Additionally new cleanrooms were integrated into the remodeled manufacturing areas.
All construction works as well as the relocation of manufacturing processes were carried out in stages without any interruption of the day-to-day manufacturing operations.
The ground floor of the Extension of Building 1, having a silver aluminum composite panel fašade, sits on top of an exposed concrete semi-basement floor. The building also has a green-roof system. After completion of the Extension the fašade of Building 1 was removed in order to create a new large manufacturing area. The new interiors were designed to provide bright and pleasant working spaces.
While being nearly 30 years apart the Extension integrates itself into Building 1 and together a new cohesive structure, both on the inside and outside, is formed.