In-House Seminar
VOB/B, the standard set of rules valid for building contracts, was the topic of a seminar organized by the Calw branch of 21-Arch last week. Several architects of 21-Arch Calw and Stuttgart, business partners as well as colleagues and friends attended the practice-oriented training and made use of the possibility to stay informed about general requirements and individual paragraphs.

A specialist in building and architectural law clearly informed about concrete issues and, in addition to that, highlighted several examples of the current jurisdiction.

During the breaks as well as following the seminar, the participants were given the opportunity to ask their specific questions and to discuss certain aspects related to this issue. They appreciated very much having had enough time to exchange ideas and own experiences.

Due to the good reception of this event, 21-Arch will continue the training series also in the future and is going to organize further events in this area.