Pre-Christmas event 2015
Just a few days before Christmas, the team of 21-Arch was excited to face a real Christmas surprise which, for the first time in the history of the office, had been declared a top priority of the management. The entire staff was therefore able to look forward to having an interesting day without being obligated to arrange for anything prior to the event.
Prior to the happening, only the meeting point at the premises of the actual Stuttgart branch had been announced. Once arrived, the staff was having enough time to reminisce an eventful year and, after a year of changes and developments, special attention was paid to 21-Arch’s new headquarter in the heart of Stuttgart. Starting at the end of March, all projects will be implemented centrally from there and the employees actually operating from Calw and Stuttgart will quite literally be united under one single roof. So you could immediately sense how excited the members of the team were to finally get to know their future common workplace. But CEO Ulrich Schwarz knew how to put them on the rack: In order to get familiar and comfortable with the surrounding of the new offices, he arranged an exciting and informative tour through the city’s west operated by a competent historian. Entertaining anecdotes and funny incidents regarding history, buildings, residents and street names made everyone marvel and smile. Once arrived at the new offices, "spacious", "modern" and "wow" were the reactions of the curious staff members who agreed that the office at the former site of the Waldbaur company will contribute to a successful work in the future.
After that Ulrich Schwarz had arranged for a cooking event in the gourmet kitchen and culinary school of "bp-cooking" operated by top chef Bastian Pfeifer. Under his supervision the menu consisting of pumpkin soup, corn salad, duck with homemade noodles and creme brûlée was created by the members of the staff. After having overcome an initial skepticism and respect for the star cuisine, everyone dared to pick up the knives, to fillet professionally, to roll with tact and to arrange everything aesthetically on the plates. In this way, a whole new passion was discovered from which definitely the loved ones at home will benefit. Everyone enjoyed the pre-Christmas evening in a pleasant atmosphere with informal conversations and is now looking forward to facing the new year which will be characterized by stability and reliability on the one hand as well as changes and innovation on the other hand.