Russian Delegation
visits 21-ARCH
For many years now, 21-Arch GmbH Co. KG have supported international projects for economic, scientific, technical and cultural education. Within a one week study trip, a delegation of the Russian architectural institute in Jekatarinburg visited the premises of 21-Arch in Calw. Jekatarinburg, a city of 1.3 million inhabitants, is situated in the Ural region behind the border between Europe and Asia. The graduates in architecture and design have been accompanied by Willi Hanselmann, the former provost of Calw-Altburg, who has been responsible for similar projects for many years already. The objective of the visit was to gain a comprehensive insight into the profile of an architect as well as to examine a building project right from the beginning, which means from the planning to the realization of a project.
After General Manager Ulrich Schwarz had welcomed the visitors, he explained to them in detail how a project is launched, planned and finally realized. Therefore he showed them an impressive presentation of the new headquarters of Energie Calw GmbH which had been realized in 2009. The members of the delegation were deeply impressed by the challenging design and implementation of the complex project.
During a breakfast break everyone had the possibility to exchange information and to get in contact to other members of the staff. After that the visitors were given the chance to ask specific questions and Ulrich Schwarz as well as architect Iris List were happy to provide them with any information requested.
Subsequently to the visit of 21-Arch, the delegation continued its educational tour and went to see the headquarters of Energie Calw GmbH in order to get an impression of the object itself.
21-Arch GmbH & Co. KG will also in the future support activities for the information and education of young people on the field of architecture.