STAY the night 2017
21-arch supports development aid project
in Uganda
An entrepreneurial platform that promotes development aid? Arenít there enough of them already?
Why does the architectural office 21-arch GmbH, Stuttgart, support the entrepreneurial network "STAY" with its alliance project in Uganda? We want to know from Uli Schwarz, Managing Director.
His answer is concise: "Because they do it differently."
Indeed, the concept differs from common development aid projects. Creating an entrepreneurial network in Uganda supports a sustainable and long-term development. STAY collaborates with local social entrepreneurs who act as development aid workers. They know the challenges and opportunities in the areas of health, education and creating own income best and organise basic trainings on-site tailored to the peopleís specific needs. These multipliers spread the projects across the countryside. In the long term, this generates a positive spiral improving the future prospects for the people while blocking the expansion of slums.

Benjamin Wolf, founder of the STAY network, invited sponsors and interested parties to join the "Stay the Night 2017" event taking place in November in order to present his groundbreaking projects and to highlight the significance of what has already been achieved. He burns for his vision. During a go-live, one could feel the joy of the participating networkers on the spot in Africa, whose projects were supported with donations.
Uli Schwarz is enthusiastic about the concept "Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs" and therefore has recently supported the work of the network. I can make a donation to help realise a great idea," says the architect. At the same time, his commitment goes perfectly with the 21-arch's international approach. More than 20 employees from 10 nations, from Nigeria to Estonia, presently work for the company.