Year-end excursion 2014
The 2014 year-end excursion led the staff of 21-Arch to various construction projects. This enabled the employees, also those working in the administration, to track the progress of some of the present projects.

So on a cool and cloudy winter day, the team started by bus to visit the first project in Ostelsheim where a new administration building with production is presently under construction. Project manager Egon Beck and Wolfram Grumann guided the strained and curious colleagues through the building. Especially the eye-catching façade, but also the fully glazed delivery gates that allow a light-filled room behind, left a lasting impression on the visitors.

However, the cold weather conditions forced everyone to hurry back into the warm bus and the journey was continued for Baden-Baden where the visitors were thrilled by an almost finished high quality private building with sweeping views of the city. In particular, the materials used in the project and also the exceptional implementation attracted much interest.

After a short walk downtown Baden-Baden, the staff of 21-Arch enjoyed their stroll around the city’s festive Christmas market.

The forthcoming end of the year was finally celebrated at Hotel Lamm/Rotensol. In the atmospheric ambience of the vaulted cellar, the guests first enjoyed a delicious amuse-bouche. After that a tasty menu was served in the comfortable and cosy restaurant where people had plenty of time for chatting, laughing and social gatherings. Managing Director Willi Burk was taking an extensive look back upon the past year and expressed his gratitude to all employees for their performances, their high commitment and the success achieved. He is confident that the excellent order situation will also continue in the upcoming fiscal year.